1. 1. Subscribe to HBO

    Inform HBO that you are subscribing because you wish to see more Enlightened.

    2. Introduce friends and/or family to the show

    3. Talk up the show whenever and wherever possible

    4. Purchase “Enlightened” season 1 on DVD or Blu Ray

    From Amazon.com

    DVD: Click here

    Blu Ray: Click here

    From store.hbo.com

    DVD: Click here

    Blu Ray: Click here

    5. Purchase “Enlightened” from iTunes or Amazon Video

    iTunes: Click here

    Amazon Video: Click here

    6. Buy “Enlightened” merchandise from HBO


    "Enlightened" It’s the Feeling Poster [11x17] - Click here

    "Enlightened" Women’s Logo T-Shirt - Click here

    "Enlightened" Men’s Logo T-Shirt - Click here

    "Enlightened" mug - Click here

    7. Like “Enlightened” on facebook - Click here

    8. Contact HBO and let them know that you want a third season

    via hbo.com - Click here

    via twitter.com - Click here

    When tweeting to @HBO, try to include words to the effect of “Please #Renew #Enlightened”. Furthermore, include “@HBO” in all of your Enlightened-related tweets.

    Thank you for your time.

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